We also love bubbles…

In addition to suggesting you pour beer into your cupcake batter, we may also suggest you start consuming more bubbly beverages in general.  We love Prosecco (and yes, you can pour that into your batter, too.  Just not the same batter as the beer went into, please).  And we really love Soda Stream seltzer makers. Not only are they environmentally friendly and cost-effective, but having one is like having a genie in your kitchen, as long as the only thing you’ve ever wished for is seltzer.

From time to time, we may ask you to watch us disregard manufacturer’s warnings by carbonating liquids that have no business being carbonated.  We love watching Will It Blend? and wouldn’t mind creating an homage in the form of Will It Carbonate?  Stay tuned.  It might be awesome.


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