tools & supplies

Here is a list of some common baking tools that will make your life (and baking) easier:

1. A food processor. This is just recommended; a sturdy high-end hand mixer will do for cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.  If you want to make breads and pastries, however, you can’t beat a food processor.  A pastry blender is a pain.

2. A rubber spatula

3. An array of baking sheets, cake pans, and cupcake tins. We also like mini cupcakes and have tins for them.

4. At least two large mixing bowls

5. A double boiler, if you want to making anything with chocolate or caramel.

6. A candy thermometer. Erin isn’t allowed to make anything hot enough to necessitate one of these, as her klutziness kicks in and causes her to injure herself, but Ellie is a pro.

7. Disposable pastry bags and frosting tips/couplers make frosting cupcakes faster, easier, and once you get the hang of it, very pretty.  The disposable bag means less mess and no worries about piping frosting after making meringues.  Open  star tips work well – Ellie likes Ateco 826 for standard cupcakes and Ateco or Wilton 19 for minis.


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