Boozy Bakeshop started on a whim.  After making some margarita cupcakes for a co-worker’s birthday, I texted Erin “one day I will live the dream of the boozy cupcake.”  Her response: “Now you have a blog!”

In a few hours, Erin turned The Boozy Bakeshop into reality, even if competing interests, (jobs-that-pay-the-bills, families, scuba diving, yoga, running, snowboarding, rock climbing, aerial silks, traveling the world), mean it’s still just a part-time reality.  As the Taylor Swift of food, I continue to compulsively share my food-as-feelings recipes along with ideas for boozy treats from other amazing resources – long silences usually just mean I’m 100ft under water or under proverbial water at the office.  Erin still humors me by posting some of her yummy recipes when she has a moment to guest edit.  One day we’re still going to make that video about cupcakes that requires pith helmets.

Most things worth doing require pith helmets.

You can contact me at boozybakers@gmail.com or on the social medias with:

Twitter: @boozybakeshop

Instagram: @ellienowak

You can also check The Boozy Bakeshop out on Pinterest


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  1. My birthday was yesterday. My co-worker emailed this to me today. I might have to celebrate againg this weekend with the Margarita cupcakes. Love the idea!

  2. Just made the Strawberry Daiquiri cupcakes for a “Head for the Island” party tomorrow! They are fabulous! I actually had to go put them out in the car already tonight so that I don’t eat them all tonight!! (We live in Wisconsin, so the chilly winter night will keep them cool!!!)

  3. Hi! I had your Kahlua cupcakes at a birthday party several months ago and they were the most delicious thing I had ever eaten! Which is saying a lot since Kahlua isn’t my drink of choice by any stretch…So, I was told the recipe came from your website but I can’t find it 😦 Please help!!
    Thanks so much!

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