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Tequila, Figs, Gelato – Oh My!

Last night I went to a gelato making class at Mia Chef Gelato (www.gelatomia.com).  The timing was fortuitous as I was planning on creating some boozy ice creams just in time for the warm weather.  While I won’t be investing in a $20,000 gelato machine any time soon, I did learn to balance my fat … Continue reading


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My mother is a very reasonable woman.  She’s practical.  Rational.  When it comes to food, she’s even more so.  While I’m cooking up bacon ice cream with salted caramel topping, she’s putting together a delicate sponge with fresh berries.  When I’m all butter cream and marshmallows, she’s whipped cream and a touch of bitter chocolate.  … Continue reading

Cuddle Puddle
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Cuddle Puddle

Once, in another lifetime, I spent one night lying on the floor with 31 other similarly minded people.  It was one of those times when crying, hugging, and declarations of never ending love are normal modes of expression.  The rest of the world doesn’t function like that: unbridled expression of comaraderie, brotherhood, family.  Only small … Continue reading

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Being flaky is a bad thing, if you’re a friend or colleague.  If you are pie crust, it is an excellent thing.  You can add extra flake to your crust but keeping your ingredients very cold, (cold butter, ice water, sometimes I even put the flour in the fridge) and, by substituting your ice water … Continue reading