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Welcome to the Boozy Bakeshop

A margarita cupcake by Ellie

Here at the Boozy Bakeshop, we will share recipes and ideas for all kinds of baked goods, most of which will incorporate some sort of alcoholic beverage as an ingredient. 

We are both amateur bakers and enjoy experimenting as much as practicing tried-and-true recipes.  Here you’ll find posts and videos that will demonstrate both our successes and failure.  We hope to make all the mistakes so that readers can have all the glory.

Half of us are mostly vegan, so there will be plenty of animal-free-but-still-boozy fun to be had as well.  We’re still working on perfecting our butter-free buttercream, and can’t wait to keep you updated on the process.

We’re also not ashamed of using cake mix from time to time.  It’s quick, it’s delicious, and it guarantees success.  As a homework assignment, go buy a box of chocolate cake mix.  Follow the instructions, except replace the water called for in the recipe with dark, stout beer.  Perfect Guiness cake every time.

We welcome comments– be in touch!


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