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Good Company

Hidden Baby and some more s’mores

Food tastes better when you share.  True story.

three's company

three’s company

I was lucky enough to share my Sunday morning with Courtney and Kelsey over at downing a couple drunk s’mores  (breakfast of champions, I know, but it’s okay, my lunch included birthday tequila shots with my college housemates).

I met Kelsey at my first 100+ person catering gig at a gallery – she was showing some of her amazing artwork and I was probably looking like I was going to throw up on my shoes from anxiety but somehow she still wanted to talk to me about working on making delicious things together.

and playing with butane torches

and playing with butane torches

And yeah, we were sitting around a coffee table and not a campfire, but these definitely tasted sweeter with a few good stories poured on top.

Photo Apr 07, 12 29 30 PM

sticky situation

Hopefully this is the first of many inspiring collaborations with these super talented sisters.  Check out their blog and beautiful designs with an even more beautiful cause behind it.


ready for the next round


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