Boozy Love Story

This is a love story, but first, context.

As I mentioned in previous posts, Boozy Bakeshop was asked by Streetwater to cater Art=Mixx, an event sponsored by Flavorpill and HowAboutWe.  I owe all of them a big, big thank you for the opportunity.  Nothing more rewarding than seeing Boozy Bakeshop creations circulating amongst amazing works by artists like Borbay, Clintel Steed, Gili Levy,  Jeremy Penn, Julian Rapp, Kelsey Montague, Lauren Purge, Paul Zepeda and Todd Bienvenu, (just to name a few), while Dandy Wellington & his Band provided an awesome soundtrack.  These blogs recap the event better than I can, and give some shout outs to the food (yay!).




I have to admit, it was one of the more anxiety inducing things I’ve done lately, (What if no one likes it?  I just want to do a good job and have people like me!), but the stress paid off and I’m excited for the next one.

Also: I fell in love.

While gingerly navigating the garden stairs in 4 inch heels while carrying a tray of wasabi goat cheese, making sure the honey sriracha drizzle didn’t drizzle over the edge, I looked up and my heart stopped.  Dark, moody, handsome and complex, it was love at first sight.  I ignored this siren call as passing fancy, sneaking only shy glances here and there, chatting with friends nearby but making sure not to stand too close.  I tried to keep away for stretches of time, but that formidable presence didn’t really leave my mind for long, even while plating a few hundred cupcakes.  Finally, as the last remaining guests trickled out, a burst of adrenalin high from the night bubbled up into over confidence (or maybe it was the combination of a lack of dinner and a glass of prosecco), and I decided: “I want that.”

A stunning mobius strip of bentwood from artist Jeremy Holmes’ Atmosphere series, is now happily living in my apartment.  It is seductive and beautiful.  This isn’t any summer fling; it is a real deal love story.


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