Cupcake Coring for Science

Our New Product Development team recently invested in a new tool to ease the potential growth of ideas and production for The Boozy Bakeshop.

The device can be commonly referred to as a cupcake corer.  It was transported to our state-of-the-art testing facilities and run through our rigorous standards.  The results were highly conclusive that with a clean twisting motion in one direction, (agitation is not recommended), the center of the cupcake was removed uniformly and with ease to create a vessel for added deliciousness.

The first batch was processed with devil’s food cupcakes.  The cored section was filled with a raspberry chocolate ganache, and topped off with cream cheese frosting. It was deemed awesome by out carefully selected official tasters.

With these findings, the potential for delicious fillings is immeasurable, and will be explored further in the foreseeable future.



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