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Capture + Cocktails = an app! an incentive!

Long silences.  They happen.  Particularly with this blog.  But I couldn’t bake things and blog about them! I was busy reconnecting with people I haven’t seen since, like, 2007!  So now I’m reconnecting with you.  And to make it even sweeter, I’m gonna ask you for a favor. But since I’m in marketing, I’ll incentivize that favor.

I’m testing out a new iPhone app called Capture.  What’s cool about it is I can ask you for specific picture of something we both like, for example, booze, and you can share your photos with me to use on Boozy Bakeshop.  So this is what I need you to do:

Download Capture from the app store (it’s free!)

Then look for a photo request from Boozy Bakeshop.

It might look like this:

And then this:

Snap a picture of your favorite cocktail by tapping “Capture It” and submit with its name/brief description.

I’ll choose the most awesome* one and turn it into a boozy dessert!

That’s the incentive part.  But going forward, I’ll also be able to use your photos to create galleries and such on the site.  Capture will have requests from other bloggers like me too.  I like it.  Communalblogging.

*Awesomeness to be determined by Boozy Bakeshop and our trusted panel of experts.**

**And by experts, I mean friends who drink cocktails and eat the things I bake.


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