Sober Sunday: 15-Minute Love Potion
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Sober Sunday: 15-Minute Love Potion

It’s no secret I cook my feelings.  Then I feed those feelings to other people.  It’s my only form of expression that doesn’t fall under awkward-robot-person-with-uncontrolled-word-vomit.  This recipe comes from my grandmother, the ultimate feed-people-your-feelings cook.  This recipe is malleable to other veggies, but leek is my favorite, and the least involved. Generations of serving … Continue reading

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Sober Sunday: Diwali Madeleines

Late October is a great time for food…between harvest season, the onslaught of pumpkin everything, Oysterfest, and widely available candy corn, there is much deliciousness to be had.  Late October also brings Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.  In my universe, Diwali is always celebrated with a dinner of ridiculous proportions, ridiculously delicious recipes from … Continue reading